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Practice Challenges & Resources

As a private teacher and performer, I know how important it is to track your practice. It can really help to have resources and monthly "challenges" to motivate your kids (or yourself!) to set and reach goals that build confidence and abilities. Follow the links below to download FREE Practice Resource challenges and guides.

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Weekly Practice Worksheet

Building habits and knowing what to focus on between lessons is one of the keys to musical success. To help you keep track of what your child is learning and achieving each week, download this free worksheet to build better habits and make faster progress.

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Tricky Spot Practice Tracker

One of the keys to mastering a difficult spot in a piece? Consistent, correct repetition of it! To help your child get excited about learning a tricky spot and being able to "nail it", download and print out this handy tracker. The more times they play it correctly at home, the better they'll play it on stage and in lessons.

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A Practice Challenge for students and parents! From April - June, tag a photo on Instagram of yourself or your child practicing, with the hashtag #StringSessionsSpring 

Every two weeks we'll select one photo to feature and mention on our next episode, and if you're selected, you'll receive a Shar Music gift card!

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