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String Sessions
Modern Music Podcast

Join Juilliard-trained professional violinist and teacher JoAnna Farrer in her weekly podcast, as she speaks with top performers, teachers, recording artists, authors, and more about the arts of making music today.  She tackles questions young artists and their families' often ask on the road to gaining skills for auditions, performances, and finding fulfillment and success in the arts. 


Have a question you'd like to see featured on the show? Send us a message! We're happy to help.

Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA
Image by Johanna Vogt

Episode #5:
Zachary Sweet on Fostering Creativity through the Suzuki Method

In our 5th episode, JoAnna speaks with Zachary Sweet, a cellist, teacher, and registered Teacher Trainer for the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Zachary is a passionate and inventive teacher and musician, and the conversation goes into techniques for creative practice sessions and lessons, as well as Zachary's perspective on making a life in music today.

Episode #4:
Concertmaster Eric Wyrick on Leadership, Practice, and Preparing for Performance

A great conversation with NJ Symphony concertmaster Eric Wyrick. Eric is on faculty at Princeton University, and was a long-time member and leader within the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Our conversation covered preparing for high-pressure performances, raising musical children, and what it takes to build a career in the orchestral world today.

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All Videos

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